Best wishes to Rob Unger

Oxford Tax Recruiting said goodbye to one of our team members. Best wishes to Rob Unger as he undertakes the next chapter in his career. When you’re part of a small team, I believe you share more laughter and tears as each person moves along life’s path. He’s a good man, a great employee and… Read More »

2019 Tax Salary Newsletter

I hope everyone is surviving the last big compliance deadlines of the year. 2019 has been a real humdinger for a lot of tax professionals. In April I heard things like “I’ve never seen it like this before” or “busiest busy season we’ve ever had” and several other statements, many including words not usually heard… Read More »

Finding Work-Life Balance in a Tax Career

It seems everyone in tax is busy this time of year…..but then again, it seems that tax people are busy all the time. And although partners in public accounting bask in that reality, not everyone benefits from this scenario. We live in a world where competition requires organizations to operate as lean as possible, thus… Read More »

Finding The Perfect Tax Job

It definitely feels like summer here in Colorado. The long sunny days and warm evenings are hard to beat. It’s tempting to leave the office and take long lunches or leave early and head to the closest patio for a cold drink. Wouldn’t that be great? We all dream of those jobs, right? The perfect… Read More »

Qualities That Help Tax Professionals Stand out During an Interview

I’m blessed to be writing this newsletter from the Baltic town of Miedzyzdroje. I’m spending about a month in Germany and Poland visiting family and friends. The great thing about my job is that you can do it from just about anywhere. I am a big advocate for pursuing the career and lifestyle you want.… Read More »

Competitive Demand for Tax Professionals and Increasing Quit Rate

I read a couple of interesting articles recently that discuss the employment market and the high demand for tax people.  This first article, War for talent: Twin Cities accounting firms face mounting competition for workers discusses the competitive demand in public accounting for tax professionals in the Twin Cities.  In my opinion the same issues… Read More »

A Little Tax Season Humor

I hope all of you are surviving the first few weeks of Tax Season. Please remember to lift your head up and look outside now and then, eat healthy and hug your significant others a lot! Just a little while longer til you all can breathe again. As always, please keep us in mind if… Read More »