Oxford Tax Recruiting Launches New Website!

Oxford Tax Recruiting, headquartered in Denver and serving Colorado and Minnesota, has launched a new website at oxfordtaxrecruiting.com.

OTR is the leading tax recruiter in Minnesota and Colorado – one of a very few highly specialized firms in the country. With a goal to become the number one tax recruiting and staffing firm nationwide, Oxford Tax Recruiting, led by Jay McCauley, Managing Director and Senior Recruiter, worked with Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY to produce a website that informed tax professionals and agencies that need them of the exceptional services they provide in their singularly distinct niche.

The site provides tax experts with easy access to permanent and contract positions in income and non-income tax, auditing and international tax. Similarly, firms looking to hire these professionals will find many reasons to work with the senior recruiters at Oxford – relieving the stress of finding someone extremely competent in these crucial and sensitive areas.

Check out a future nationwide tax professional recruiting leader’s website at Oxford Tax Recruiting!

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