One Sign That Your Boss Loves You

In past newsletters, we’ve talked about the importance of offering praise to your employees and how that helps employee retention as well as boosts productivity and morale. Offering recognition to your employees just makes good sense. In an article I found recently “The One Sign Your Boss Loves You”, the author mentions three key feelings that come from hearing “You did a good job”.

When you hear them, you feel:

Special: In sharing praise, your boss is telling you that your work and happiness matter. Praise builds self-confidence and we feel good about ourselves when our work is recognized. And we feel even better when our specific accomplishments are celebrated. If we are told “You did a good job” and then our boss names the specific goal that was reached (e.g. completing the consulting project on time and budget) we are reminded that we are working for more than ourselves.

Part of a team:  If you work at a company with two or more people — you are part of a team. When your boss shares praise, you remember the team. In turn, you accomplish more! It’s a virtuous cycle that can repeat over and over again. Great teams are defined by what their individuals accomplish and how motivated the group is to work together.

Protected: A loving boss is not someone who coddles you, but she is someone who looks out for your best interests. “You did a good job” should be used when you actually achieved something of value. A loving boss should also be demanding and challenging, helping you to reach for more than what you thought was possible. But she makes you feel safe — like you have the space to reach and grow.

Make an effort now to recognize your employees, provide them with challenge and support their confidence by letting them know when they’ve done a job well. You won’t be disappointed by the results that a little bit of acknowledgement can bring.

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