Holidays are for Hiring!

Hi Everyone and happy holidays!

It’s been suggested recently by a few different candidates that things are probably a bit slow for us, it being December and close to the holidays. While it would make a whole lot of sense for this to be true, I wanted to assure all of you that that’s just not the case. In fact, this morning as I was reading through a couple articles in LinkedIn, this one jumped out at me. “The December Recruitment Job Hunting Myth”.  I’ll not go into every detail of the article, except to say that the author has made the same observations as I have about recruiting during the holiday season.

Jobs are out there, people! Our recruiting gears are going at top speed. We’ve been approached by hiring leaders in the corporate setting looking to fill spots in their growing teams (there seem to be quite a few positions created out of growth, which are the positions we all like the best) and we’ve had quite a few public accounting firms reach out for assistance in making those last few placements before busy season is in full swing. We’ve had offers made and already have several people queued up to begin in new positions after the first of the year.

The great thing about December for you guys is that there are fewer active candidates on the market, so there’s less competition. In-house recruiters haven’t stopped looking for talent, and as long as there are jobs to fill, we’ll be helping to find the best candidates for those positions, even around the holidays.

Mostly, I want to take an opportunity to thank everyone who visits our website and all those who we’ve had the privilege of working with this year. We owe our success to great candidates like you and look forward to helping even more of you in the coming year.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and prosperous 2015 to you all!


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