Is Job Sharing right for your Tax Team?

With the increased demand from good candidates for better work-life balance and flexibility with their schedules, job sharing is one alternative. Job sharing is a form of part-time employment in which one position is filled with two or more part-time employees. Is this a good option for your work-place?

Here are just a few of the benefits:

You get double the talent! – One position staffed by two part-time employees is a great way to get two sets of skills and perspectives. As an employer, you get a broader range of talents and experience than one person can bring on their own.

There’s an increase in productivity! Job sharing eases the strain of balancing work and outside personal responsibilities. Each job share partner can devote greater energy and focus while they’re on the job. With two people, there’s a built-in checking system to maintain quality control and prevent errors

You get continuous job coverage! There aren’t the typical concerns over job coverage during vacations, sick leave and other absences. Furthermore, if one partner moves on, there’s still at least part-time coverage of the position (until a replacement partner is recruited) There’s also the possibility that the remaining partner could work more hours until another partner fills the position.

This is a great way to strengthen employee retention! Employee retention and recruitment, not to mention the savings in training that come from reduced turnover are invaluable. Loyalty is especially high among job share partners and absenteeism and job turn-over is low.

As a recruiter, I see my fair share of individuals who are ready for a change. They love the work they do and the people they are working for, but family obligations or other life goals have a higher priority. Many times this leads to a need for a new job arrangement. Job sharing is another alternative that can not only benefit your employees but also increase morale and productivity.

Here’s to wishing everyone a happy, sunny summer and great success on the job!



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