Six Traits of a Good Tax Recruiter

The beginning of a new year is often a time when people begin considering whether to make a change from their current position. While busy season often makes looking for a new job and changing situations difficult, there are still small things that you can do to guarantee more success in your job search.

Of course, I wouldn’t be good at my job if I didn’t emphasize the importance of developing a relationship with a trusted Recruiter. Even if you’re not ready to begin your search, Recruiters can give you good information about the job market, and tips on strengthening your resume and social media presence. Whether you decide to work with a Recruiter at Oxford Tax Recruiting or someone else, all good Recruiters will:

Provide sufficient information to help you make an informed decision – We’ll give you information about a company or a role that goes beyond the job description, such as what hours you might expect to work, why the position is open and what your potential supervisor’s management style is like. For employers, we offer additional information about a candidate other than what you might see on their resume. Things like why they are looking, what type of clients have they worked with and what sort of returns have they prepared

Provide advice that is about you and your needs, rather than just trying to close the deal – Sometimes what might be best for the candidate or employer isn’t always in our best interest. A good Recruiter may tell a job seeker when to apply to a job directly rather than going through their service. Or he may advise an employer not pursue a candidate or give an offer if he learns something about the candidate which isn’t in line with the employer’s standard of employment.

Gives you his or her undivided attention – ALL good recruiters will spend time preparing candidates for interviews, keeping both sides informed (including reservations either side might have, items to be negotiated, and timing constraints) and following up during the first few months of employment.

Does what he or she says they are going to do and keeps you up-to-date on search status – A good Recruiter will check in with you regularly during your job search. You should keep your recruiter informed as well. Let them know if you have filled or found a job so they don’t keep looking on your behalf.

Portrays you (or other job candidates) accurately – If you’re a job seeker, always be sure that the Recruiter is correctly representing your skills and experience. Disclose to the Recruiter any paid work you’re doing even if it’s freelance or part time.

If you’re a Hiring Manager, ask Recruiters if there’s any information you need to know that they haven’t disclosed on their resume.

Is transparent with you – Job seekers should always be asked before their resume has been presented anywhere. A good Recruiter will also immediately disclose any relevant information about the candidate that may impact the hiring process.

We are the eyes and ears of the hiring process for both the candidate and employer. Our goal is to create lasting work relationships and build stronger tax teams for our clients. We’re looking forward to another year of helping tax professionals throughout Colorado and Minnesota make the next step in their career. Check out our current listing of positions and give us a call!


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