Finding The Perfect Tax Job

It definitely feels like summer here in Colorado. The long sunny days and warm evenings are hard to beat. It’s tempting to leave the office and take long lunches or leave early and head to the closest patio for a cold drink. Wouldn’t that be great? We all dream of those jobs, right? The perfect ones where you have lots of flexibility and great pay. Where you can determine your hours, or maybe work from home. The unfortunate truth is that these jobs are not that plentiful in the tax world. For some tax professionals, that typically means gritting your teeth, slogging to work and pining for the sunshine that’s teasing you through your office window, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Mike Rowe (of TV’s Dirty Jobs fame) was recently asked by one of his fans for advice in finding the perfect job. Mike’s response was priceless. I’ll paraphrase a bit here, but for the full article check out Distractify’s article by Maia McCann.


You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve encountered this as a recruiter. People jumping around from one job to another in search of perfection; never content and always on the look out for “a better opportunity” when you’re already in a pretty good situation. Rowe’s advice is great! Very rarely in life do we get that one in a million chance at the perfect job, but we CAN re frame our thinking to make a good job seem even better.

While I think it’s important to realize that the “perfect” job probably doesn’t exist, I also know that sometimes the location or the hours or the responsibilities or the culture just don’t fit. It’s those situations that allow me to do what I do. Just be careful to not fall prey to, what I call, The Grass is always Greener Syndrome. Constantly thinking that you’re not being promoted fast enough, or paid enough or just getting the recognition you deserve. While there are a handful of organizations in Colorado that are above average (you probably know who I’m talking about) and a handful that are probably below average (you definitely know who I’m talking about), I think most employers are probably fairly similar in terms of culture, compensation and overall employee satisfaction.

As always, if you have ideas for our newsletters or topics you’d like more information on, I welcome your input! Thanks again for reading, now go out and enjoy that great summer sun!

Jay McCauley
Managing Director, Oxford Tax Recruiting

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