Finding Work-Life Balance in a Tax Career

It seems everyone in tax is busy this time of year…..but then again, it seems that tax people are busy all the time. And although partners in public accounting bask in that reality, not everyone benefits from this scenario. We live in a world where competition requires organizations to operate as lean as possible, thus requiring people to do more work with less resources. All of this demand makes work-life balance seem like a cliché with no ties to reality. How are tax professionals supposed to manage the requirements of a career in tax while also having some type of life? Or are you forced to choose between work and life?

While I think some of that balance we seek comes from finding the right job, I think it also requires the individual to do their part. With that in mind, I took some time to read a few articles about this nebulous little belief we call “work life balance”. There is no shortage of opinions on how to achieve work-life balance, but I really like this article by Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers.

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Although perfect work-life balance is probably never achievable, with these practical tips we can start to move the pendulum in the right direction. I think we need to see baby steps as victories because I doubt we are ever going to find “the secret” to achieving work life balance.

As many of you approach another big deadline, I hope you can find some work life balance in the next week.

To your success,

Jay McCauley
Managing Director, Oxford Tax Recruiting


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