The Job Market is Hot for Tax Professionals – Is it Time for a Change?

As many of you dive into Q3 work or are making the last push to get through the 10/15 deadline, we are gearing up for our busy season. The 4th quarter is when corporate tax departments and public accounting firms do the bulk of their tax hiring. It’s also the time of year when many of you get serious about looking at your current situation and considering your options. The good news is that the employment outlook for tax professionals continues to be strong and doesn’t show signs of weakening. It remains especially strong for people in the 1 – 8 year range. And as always, tax people with a generalist background seem to have the most opportunities available to them.

So, how do you decide if it’s time to start looking at career options? In his article, “When is it Time to Consider a Career Change?”, Career Coach Rex Rolf offers up 15 questions to ponder when considering a change. While I’m not a fan of people changing jobs just for the sake of change, I do believe that you need to take an active role in steering your career in a direction that suits you best. Whether it’s a need for more challenge or the desire for better work-life balance, it’s your responsibility to get the process started. Of course, we can help. I’m happy to take a look at your resume, share some job-getting interviewing tips and talk about who’s hiring and what tax people are getting paid.

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