Table d’Hôtes – A Future Tax Leaders Event

Enjoy an evening of CPE over dinner with friends and colleagues on Tuesday, July 28th. Due to the surge of M&A activity in our region, the subject is ASC 740 implications of Business Combinations. Presented by Greg Wichmann and Dan Bowman of Deloitte, Las Vegas, and brought to you by FTL. The event is $20… Read More »

Starting Your Tax Job Search, monthly series (pt. 2)

In April I began a monthly series focused on setting up your tax job search for success. Whether or not you’re actively looking for a new tax career now, re-evaluating your career goals now and then is a great way to keep your professional development on track. I read an article recently which stated that… Read More »

Is Job Sharing right for your Tax Team?

With the increased demand from good candidates for better work-life balance and flexibility with their schedules, job sharing is one alternative. Job sharing is a form of part-time employment in which one position is filled with two or more part-time employees. Is this a good option for your work-place? Here are just a few of… Read More »

Are You a Boss or a Leader?

As employers, the goal is to provide an environment where your employees are happy and engaged. Every time we interview a new candidate we ask what factors would help them when it comes to deciding upon joining a new firm. In this blog and in our newsletter we’ve talked about work life balance being at the… Read More »

Tax Professionals Crave Autonomy

As tax recruiters, Jay and I hear all the wishes and gripes from our candidates. While salary and location are always important determining factors for choosing new careers, the most consistent desires include: work-life balance, being able to make meaningful contributions and a sense of autonomy on the job. Jobs that offer an entrepreneurial atmosphere,… Read More »

Make a Positive Impression on Tax Candidates

The last year was a great one for Oxford Tax Recruiting. In addition to broadening our network of skilled tax professionals, we created new relationships with several successful companies in Colorado. One of the greatest struggles for many of these companies continue to be finding candidates with a strong tax background. If you read our… Read More »

Holidays are for Hiring!

Hi Everyone and happy holidays! It’s been suggested recently by a few different candidates that things are probably a bit slow for us, it being December and close to the holidays. While it would make a whole lot of sense for this to be true, I wanted to assure all of you that that’s just… Read More »

One Sign That Your Boss Loves You

In past newsletters, we’ve talked about the importance of offering praise to your employees and how that helps employee retention as well as boosts productivity and morale. Offering recognition to your employees just makes good sense. In an article I found recently “The One Sign Your Boss Loves You”, the author mentions three key feelings that… Read More »

Is Caffeine a Roadblock or a Shortcut to your Success?

I read an interesting article recently by Dr. Travis Bradberry that you’ll probably hate! Still, it’s my job to be the source of knowledge when it comes to providing tips to improving your work performance and efficiency. Dr. Travis Bradberry’s counsel on the matter? Cut down or eliminate caffeine. This may or may not be… Read More »

How to Avoid the Resume Black Hole

Jay and I are always looking for good information to pass along to you and in that effort, I ran across an article in USNews, How to Avoid the Resume Black Hole. I had this conversation recently with a cousin of mine at a family reunion where he asked “How do I get my resume… Read More »