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Heather was relocating from out of state and through her own efforts had scheduled a few interviews with national and regional public accounting firms. She connected with OTR a week before her planned trip to Denver to discuss industry/corporate tax positions. Our staff was able to discuss a very unique opportunity doing tax research and audit management work with a small corporate tax department. By moving quickly we were able to set up a Skype interview within a day of presenting Heather’s resume to our client. As a result of our preparation and coaching, Heather nailed the Skype interview and was invited to meet with our client during her trip to Denver. Heather got the job and loves Denver.

Christine had just finished with another busy season as a Senior Associate in public accounting with her firm in Minneapolis. She really thought that she wanted to get out of public accounting altogether and had contacted us to see what options were available to her. We spent time learning what factors were influencing Christine’s choice and presented her with an opportunity in a smaller public accounting firm that offered a generous comp-time option for the spring busy season and little to no overtime for the rest of the year. By learning what Christine really wanted in a new position, we were able to help her find a situation that met her goals.

When Mark contacted us, he was certain that he wanted to stay in public accounting. He was at a Big 4 firm and had done research on some of the firms in the area. Mark’s concern was that many of the firms he researched were too similar to what he was doing already – and he really wanted a change. Through our network of local and niche firms we were able to present Mark with an opportunity at a 12-person firm that had a unique culture and offered flexible work options for busy season.

Travis was unfamiliar with the Twin Cities market and was too busy to take a lot of time looking for the right opportunity. We discussed his career goals and what type of position would get him closer to where he wanted to be. He decided that public accounting gave him the best opportunity to gain the experience he wanted. Once we identified his goals we reached out to a few large firms that we had relationships with and were able to find a great fit which would allow Travis to increase his knowledge in provision work and focus on c-corp tax work.

As a working mother of two, Angela needed a job that would allow her to focus time on raising her family. Angela had a strong background in public accounting and had spent several years focusing on corporate tax work. We were able to leverage her skill set to match her up with a job in a manufacturing company with a seven person tax department. Angela enjoys working 40 hours a week as well as being able to work three days a week over the summer and early winter.

Josh was at a point in his life where a permanent position didn’t make the most sense. He was worried about leaving a gap in his resume and wanted to continue working while making other life changes. We were able to market Josh, based on his skills, to several public accounting firms in the Denver area and find the right match. He started a contract position with a local public accounting firm, which allows for him to focus on other areas of his life and still have the security of a good income.